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  1. JerryBob

    Good News....Woman Rights even on the SCOTUS!

    The rapist and the abuser ain't gonna be happy about this.....who's gonna make the sandwiches and get the coffee now?? What is this world coming too?
  2. JerryBob

    Hey......Don't Touch that Condom!

    This is so wrong.......the government doesn't have the right to tell a man what he can do with his body....right GOPQers??? We only tell women what they can do with their bodies.....not men!
  3. JerryBob

    Homosexuality was Labeled a Mental Illness

    Wow......hard to believe this was our very recent tragic. Homosexuality was labeled a mental illness. A new film recounts the fight to remove it.
  4. JerryBob

    Beto.....Sure Hope He Wins!

    I highly recommend he gets a wheelchair......Texans seem to like voting for guys in wheelchairs.....hope Beto wins.....would be great for Texas. .
  5. JerryBob

    Is the Mississippi Guv....Married to his Sister?

    He must be...nobody can be this stupid!
  6. JerryBob

    SCOTUS....not biased!

    Really really think that Trump's three judges are not drinkin agin Clancy? BTW.....was there really a pube on that Coke can?
  7. JerryBob

    Larry Elder.....A black "White" guy!

    Larry has become rich being the GOPQ's token black. L.A. Times Columnist Says Larry Elder Is Pushing ‘White Supremacist Worldview’ and Poses ‘Real Threat to Communities of Color’ (
  8. JerryBob

    NRA.....Anybody Still Sending Money?

    Hopefully the cult will be the meantime.....Wayne and the klan still living the high life off the suckers. Manhattan judge shoots down legal bid by two NRA members to intervene in NY AG’s lawsuit (
  9. JerryBob

    Is the USA a racist country?

    Interesting read.....
  10. JerryBob

    Abortion.....What's the plan?

    Interesting facts and numbers.......what would we do with all the unwanted children if abortion went away?
  11. JerryBob

    SCOTUS Says Black President Can Build Library!

    Good news......I mean even though we have a serious systemic racism problem in this country....our former black president should be able to build a library just like our former white presidents......heck....Geoege W couldn't even read and he got one! Supreme Court won't block work on Obama...
  12. JerryBob

    Kangaroos Have Three Va ginas

    Who knew? For your educational pleasure.
  13. JerryBob

    The GOPQ.....Full of Hatred!

    Why does the GOPQ hate transgender and brown people....other minorities....what's next.....taking people's voting rights away.....storming the capitol? Real republicans should break away...start their own party. RNC chair lambasts term 'birthing person' in rebuke of Democratic...
  14. JerryBob

    We Ain't gonna teach that (N-word) crap in our schools......

    Tennessee GOPQers want to make it illegal to teach critical race theory in their schools.......I guess keepin them blacks in their place is what really shameful. [Opinion] Tennessee Republicans Want to Withhold Money From Schools That Teach Critical Race Theory—Even Though They...
  15. JerryBob

    Sarah Palin.....God's Will???

    No lie.....Sarah will run "if god wants her to do it!" Does anyone think god is that stupid? Heck.....even Sarah's kids and ex husband can't stand her. Sarah Palin hints she may run for Senate against Lisa Murkowski in 2022 (
  16. JerryBob

    We need more Vindman's in the world!

    An honest refreshing and needed. Alexander Vindman, the White House staffer who sparked Trump's 1st impeachment, tells his story (
  17. JerryBob

    NRA and Ted.....See ya!

    It's a scheduling conflict.....yea....that's what it is. The organization is failing and is is Ted's career......may they both go down in flames. Ted Nugent Resigns From NRA Board Over ‘Scheduling Conflicts’ (
  18. JerryBob

    But...but...but....I love Trump!

    Looks like this Bush got plucked.......SUCKER! George P. Bush learns the GOP's Trump lesson the hard way (
  19. JerryBob

    Roe v Wade

    Heads up.....might be time to buy that coat hanger stock if these fools change the law. What happens if the Supreme Court throws out Roe v. Wade? (
  20. JerryBob

    The Cleveland Guardians!

    What the f**k am I gonna do with my "Indian" jacket? Cleveland Indians name change to Guardians profoundly stupid, unnecessary (